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As a full-stack developer it was been giving me the opportunity to increase my knowledge and experience developing web applications for a variety of fields such as Real Estate, Retail, Robotics and Medical Platform. What I bring from this ongoing professional growth is to value the importance of quality code and design patterns. I spent so much time reviewing and refactoring spaghetti code. The efficiency of a developer is tight couple to the quality of the code base of a company. Let's keep it clean :) The technologies I became proficient: • Design patterns: SoC (promotes maintainability and scalability) • Backend:

  • Programming Languages: Python
  • Frameworks: Flask, Django,
  • Libraries: Falcon, Fastapi,
  • Data related libs: Pandas, scikit-learn
  • Infrastructure: Docker (basics); linux • Frontend:
  • Programming languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Preferred Framework: Vuejs,
  • Willing to learn: React or Angular • Web Design:
  • I still suck :(
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BootstrapCSS 3CypressData ModellingData NormalisationDockerGitHTMLJavaScriptPythonSCSSSQLVue 2 to 3VuexVuetifyWeb Componentsmysql

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